Kenya – Day 1 – Site Prep

June 29th Our first day on the Kisima site brought us back to the week earlier with Red Feather. Michael and his crew (Sammi, Mbaabu, David and Gideon) already had the slabs poured for the two houses and the toe-ups were ready on the house we are working on. The trusses were being made by … Continue reading

Travel Days – June 26-28

Tuesday, June 26 – Today we all began our long journey to Kenya! Tory, David and I traveled together from the Bozeman to Nairobi and along the way Erik and Melissa joined us. Tory, David and I flew from Bozeman to Chicago and then we had the pleasure of enjoying a 14 hour plane ride … Continue reading

Red Feather – Day 8

This was our last day at the build. With the final four trusses lifted and locked into place, the task turned to finishing off the blocking between the trusses, cutting off the ends of the trusses and adding the fascia board, and adding some plywood sheathing to the RBA. Students also worked on the chicken … Continue reading

Red Feather – Days 6 & 7

These were truss days! For all of the volunteers, truss days seem to be some of the most exciting. After the trusses are up, the structure starts to look like an actual house. The process of putting up the trusses is simple, but it takes a lot of time and many people to lift and … Continue reading

Red Feather – Day 5

Wednesday, June 20 Today started off like usual, with one of Jamie’s gourmet breakfasts.  After breakfast we gathered around and Mark gave everyone their assignments.  We started the work day by having everyone lift the RBA onto the straw bale walls.  The RBA was divided into four parts, one for each different wall, so we … Continue reading

Red Feather – Day 4

Tuesday the 19 Today we put up the bale walls! We were split into four teams,(one team per wall) Tory and I were on team 3, Erik and Melissa were on team 2 and David was on team 1. Each team had two people working on custom bales, to prevent matching seams and also to … Continue reading

Red Feather – Day 3

Day three on the Red Feather build was a busy day for everyone. The jobs for the day mostly consisted of working on the toe-up to support the bales. The toe-up is made up of many parts and took most of the day to complete. This sketch shows the multiple layers of material that goes … Continue reading

Red Feather – Day 2

Day two on Red Feather was the first full day of working. We awoke to the breakfast bell at seven. After breakfast is when all of the jobs are given and assigned. The task that Tory, Taylor, and I embarked on was moving lilacs that were by the previous structure and needed to be replanted … Continue reading

Arrival at Red Feather build

We arrived at the home site near Lame Deer in the early afternoon. After setting up our tents we immediately jumped in, helping the Red Feather team apply rigid insulation along the foundation wall and horizontally below grade. Working with the local contractor, we spent a lot of time shoveling and filling in dirt. It … Continue reading

Pre-trip Meeting

On Thursday, June 14th the Kenya team met with Kevin Brustuen of the Office of International Programs at Columbo’s in Bozeman to cover any last second items and to review health and safety issues. A few slices of pizza accompanied our discussion about traveling itineraries, circumstances, and updates. Kevin provided the students with updated information … Continue reading