Kenya – Day 6 – RBAs, Chickenwire, and Paint

July 4 –

Today was a little different than our other work days. We got up, had breakfast of Weetabix, granola, eggs, fruits, cheese, and toast. Oh, and a Malaria pill. After breakfast, we packed up all our things, moved out of the Gundua Guest House and headed down the road to Derek’s house (Derek runs WHEAT Foundation International in Kenya). A couple had rented the house out for a wedding, so we had to shift houses. After getting our belongings put away we headed to the site to get to work. Today, we split into three teams. David and I finished cutting and nailing Tetra Pak to the top side of the RBA for the first house, Tory prepared the segments of chicken wire so they could be tacked onto the RBA when needed, and Taylor and Melissa painted pieces of plywood for the roof white.

Tory cutting chicken wire while Taylor and Melissa paint the ceiling boards

After David and I finished up nailing Tetra Pak to the top of the RBA, we shifted our focus to the sections of RBA for the next house. We started cutting more Tetra Pak for those segments and nailed the pieces into the underside. Taylor and Melissa were painting all day, made worse by the fact that the paint had a consistency of Elmer’s glue. They got through double coating as many boards as they could with the one can of paint mixed with turpentine. Tory finished the chicken wire at the expense of shredding her gloves.


Somewhere in the middle of all this work, we had an extended lunch of shepherd’s pie. Michael had to take the truck to drop Kinyua off at Winnie’s house, so we had an extra hour to kill before going back to RBAs and painting. After work, we came back to Derek’s house and had an incredible dinner of homemade pizzas. My favorite was chicken, apple, onion, and pesto. After dinner, we went outside to the fire and shot off a couple fireworks to celebrate the fourth. Before bed, we played several games of Mafia.


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