Kenya-Day 8 – Meeting with UN-Habitat

Our team meeting with Mohamed at UN-Habitat

Our first full day in Nairobi started with a meeting with the UNHabitat Head of Shelter Branch, Mohamed El Sioufi. It was an eye opening meeting, for he covered the history and policies behind the UNHabitat slum housing and community development programs. Right now funding coming from USAID goes towards the global housing upgrade program. In the year 2000 there were more then 1 billion slum dwellers, the development goal was to take 100 million dwellers out of slums by 2020. They made their goal only to hit with the fact that the 100 million removed from the slums were countered by the infill of 220 million more people into the slums. Their reasoning to this influx into the slums is the mass migration of people from the rural areas into the city because of loss of crops, political oppression in other countries, and climate change. How dose one fix this problem? Their current ideas are mix-use on a low income scale and an investment in jobs. Along with new stradiges for incorporating universities on an open platform for discussion, design, and research exchange. It was very insightful to be able to have this opportunity to ask questions, and I think we all took a lot out of it.

We had a wonderful lunch at the UN as monkeys were playing in the fountain.
After lunch we he headed straight to the Kenya National History Museum where we given a wonderful guided tour of the history of Kenya. Including the history of Australoeithecus afarensis also know as Lucy to present time. Along with seeing the top five animals of Kenya; lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino, with every other known animal to Kenya including the famous honey badger.





One Response to “Kenya-Day 8 – Meeting with UN-Habitat”
  1. Sr. Krista says:

    Melissa…I love your reports! What an interesting trip this must have been for you! – Love Aunt Krista

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