Kenya – Day 11 – Back to the Farm


July 9
Today was our last day in Nairobi. We woke up at 8 and had breakfast at the Mennonite Guest House before heading back to Kisima Farms. We said goodbye to our two Siamese kitten friends in the bushes outside our rooms and got on the road. On the way out of the city we stopped at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) to sit in on one of their fifth year architecture studios. We introduced ourselves to the class of around 35 and watched two students present their projects, both of which were very impressive. After the presentations, David gave a short lecture on agile architecture and showed some of his students’ work. After the lecture, he introduced Michael and both of them talked to the class and some faculty about our straw bale projects and straw bale in general. The class seemed very interested and asked a lot of questions. Hopefully we’ll see some of them at our open house day! We exchanged emails, got back on the road and made our way to Nanyuki. On the way, we stopped at a restaurant called The Trout Tree. The Trout Tree is a restaurant in a tree, straight out of The Swiss Family Robinson, with dozens of pools full of trout below. There are two levels of seating and a balcony placed 20 feet or so higher in the tree. While we were up on the balcony, a monkey hung out with us and had a photo shoot with Tory. On the way back down to our seats, Michael was afraid the monkey would jump on his face. They serve incredibly fresh trout and have a stocked menu. Everyone had a great trout lunch, except Tory who went American and had beef. Right before we left we heard thunder in the background and watched a monster storm cloud move in. Seven or so monkeys in the trees went absolutely crazy and started yelling and jumping around. As we got in the car we felt the first drops fall, the first mvua (rain in Swahili) of our trip. It was practically a flash flood. Lakes formed on the road in some spots, with rivers forming on the shoulders and we even passed a large section where hail and fallen and accumulated in the grass. Our last stop before the Gundua Guest House was in Nanyuki to buy groceries. After getting stocked up, we drove the short distance to the house and relaxed before going back to work the next day. Melissa, Taylor, Tory and I played rummy 500 and listened to music. Taylor slaughtered us, so we stargazed for a while which is incredible without light pollution and then went to bed.



Eating late lunch at the Trout Tree Restuarant outside of Nanyuki


One Response to “Kenya – Day 11 – Back to the Farm”
  1. Susan Bean says:

    Erik’s Mom here. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s entries and can feel the energy all the way across the continents. In 1986 I visited Kenya as a tourist, but you folks are showing me a different view. You are doing something important and probably life-changing. Thank you for doing the work and for sharing it with us. Bellevue, WA

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