Kenya – Day 13- Raising Winnie’s House

Taylor, Melissa and Tory working with Michael on Winnie’s wall

Today started off with sniffles and sneezes as we lost a key player of team lilac to a sinus infection. Tory still tried her hardest to be a team player, and was still pivotal in the rising of Winnie’s house today. But as she worsened we had to quarantine her. Erik, Taylor, Tory, I took the rains as we were left to raise the house on our own. We have truly become a well oiled machine having five rows up with windows and door bucks in place before David and Michael returned to see our work. As we waited for our second load of straw to arrive Winnie’s family who grow corn on their shamba (farm) treated us to boiled corn. It has a much different texture and taste then what we fine back at home, but it was still a treat.


As the second lorry arrived we unloaded the straw and wood, and with so many workers on the site to help it became like a hive of worker bees. Our friend Max just helping as everyone else did not see me come around the corner and down I went by the blow of two 4x2s to the head. I’m fine the worst bruise was taken by my knee as I hit the ground. Still pushing ahead we finished the sixth row and broke for lunch.


David being the hard worker he is returned to the Winnie’s house to layout the trusses, trap, and unload all of the line. He truly has been a blessing in disguise for Michael being a driver and runner for so many things.


As the day rolled down we read our bibles, and enjoined another amazing curry dinner and each others company.



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