Kenya – Day 14 – Hakuna Matata

Today was a hurry up and wait kinda day. Like Simba, in the Lion King we truly did come to the understand the meaning of Hakuna Matata, the worry free philosophy that has also been described to us as Kenyan Time. This morning, as Tory still being ill was left in quarantine, the rest of us headed to the health clinic in hopes of starting the first day of plastering. Only to have our hopes be stricken away after attending the restroom to discover hakuna maji (no water). With David already en route to find the mixer which was missing. He soon discovered from Kinua his tire to be flat and in need of repair.

Returning to the site David had the mixer, but was disappointed to discover there was no water. Eggar not to give up he put us to work trying to tighten the tension wires connecting the RBA to the toe-up. After several grueling tries and hands of help we once again were defeated.

We returned home to our truly honed skills, computer skills, to focus on the brochure for our open house next week. Taylor and I decided being in the house on such a nice day was too hard to bear, so we headed back out to give it another try with Kinua. Until even Kinua had to call it a day, an event that rarely happens.

Perfect night for a sundowner

In conclusion we ended the day with our worry free philosophy by having a proper sundowner.

Hakuna Matata -Melissa&Taylor too!
Hakuna Matata

Tory captured this shot tonight



Not all the work is on site

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