Kenya – Day 16 – Plaster Masters Part II

July 14-

Our breakfast today was our biggest in a while, since we stocked our kitchen yesterday.  We each had our fill of corn flakes, Weetabix, toast, mangoes, apples, and bananas.  After breakfast, we headed to the health clinic for our second day of plastering.  We wanted to get a second coat of stucco on the exterior walls before lunch.  David and I started the day off by hauling eight bags of lime and four bags of cement down to the mixer from the storage room.  This time, Kinua was not around to help out with the mixer, so David, Melissa, Gideon, and I were in charge of mixing the plaster while Tory, Taylor, Sammi, and Mbaabu started plastering the back wall.

Wherever there is plastering, there is a mess to clean up

Once we tightened a few loose bolts on the mixer, we got to work mixing plaster.  Once we had enough for the entire back wall and part of the east wall, we turned the mixer off so we could retighten the five or so bolts that had fallen off the engine.  The exhaust pipe also fell off, but easily screwed back into place.  For the plastering aspect, the plaster had to be slung onto the wall using trawls.  The second layer turned out extremely rough, which allows the next layer of plaster to have more to grab onto.  During the mixing process for the rest of the east wall and the west wall, a belt fell off a wheel and was hanging out of the underside of the mixer.  Luckily, Gideon and Sammi know their way around an engine and had it fixed in a short time.  We finished off the last batch for the front wall plastered it quickly.

Sammi and Mbhaabu – the real master plasters

A little friend Gideon found in the bushes for us to meet

Once we were done plastering, we took our lunch and went home to have a freshly cooked quiche, salad, and leftover steak and potatoes from dinner last night.  After lunch, we headed over to Winnie’s house to help adjust the RBA and put the trusses up.  The RBA needed to be nudged a couple inches, and once we had that done we laid the six trusses on the roof.  With all the added weight from the trusses pushing down the bails, we walked around with a bail adjuster and knocked the walls into alignment the best we could.  After all this was done, we tarped the entire house and propped up the middle with a couple two by fours in case it rained.  We got home and relaxed for a bit while we worked on the brochure for the open house days at the clinic housing.  Michael came back and we decided to go up on top of a hill in Mount Kenya National Park for sundowners.  Michael drove us up until the road ended and then we hiked up the rest of the way to an old poacher’s tower that looked out at Mount Kenya and the Great Rift Valley.  After the sun set behind some clouds, we headed home.

Sundowner view…ya, not bad


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