Kenya – Day 17 – Day off to Rutundu

We had a little bit of a sleep-in today with an 8am breakfast. Melissa worked her magic in the kitchen to make some delicious French Toast. We then all packed into the vehicle shortly afterwards and headed to (more) remote Kenya (well, a 2 hour dirt road drive anyways) to Rutundu in the distant foothills of Mt. Kenya. This is rumoured to be the location where Prince William proposed to Kate which gave it a certain mystique. We had a lunch looking over a massive gorge that we could not access because it was basically cliff faces everywhere. The landscape was super arid otherwise, and after lunch we all hiked up a couple of hills for different vantage points to see Mt. Kenya and the rolling hills between us and it. The scenery was vast, open, and spectacular. We managed to see a couple of zebra, a monkey and some bushbucks. On the we searched for the elusive elephant herds in the area but unfortunately they avoided us yet again. We finished the day off with a nice dinner (again, Melissa leading the charge) with some fajitas to build up energy for tomorrow. Michael has a busy couple of days planned for us as we prepare for guests coming next weekend…lots of plastering and stacking to be done this week…



Everyone exploring an enchanted forest





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