Kenya- Day 18 – Where did all the bales go?

As we all know Monday’s never run as smooth as we plan them, but in Kenya you ask yourself ‘Why did even I bother getting out of bed?’.

The morning plan was to plaster until lunch then after lunch get the 250 bales for the other house so we could stack the following day. As we arrived to the clinic we soon learned due to the power being out for most of the following day the water pump had been out too. So being left with no water to plaster we went into plan b heading back to the farm to get bales. We arrive to find only 50 bales in good enough condition to build with 200 short of what we need. As we waited over an hour for a lorry David explained to us that this other lesson we are learning on this trip is waiting. As Michael goes on a hunt for bales only to learn that they had been sold.

Arriving back to the clinic we find the water back up and running. Happy to begin plastering the final coat of the exterior we soon learned unlike the first two coats our skill was not to be had at the third. After many delays with the mixer breaking down, and David just wishing he had a ratchet set. We gave in and headed to Winnie’s house to help raise the trusses and pick up the leftover bales.

Melissa’s new friends at Winnie’s house

As we headed home and the rain began to fall once again. We realized why not much gets accomplished on a rainy day in Kenya.


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