Kenya – Day 19 – Plaster, Rain, Wait, Repeat

July 17th- The theme of the last two days has held strong. Plaster, rain, wait, repeat. When we first arrived at the site, we had to take the straw bales out of the duplexes so that we could start plastering on the interior. A few part time workers were hired on today to help us with the final coat on the exterior, since it requires much experience and being a little bit OCD, it was best to hire someone who knew what they were doing. The rest of us got a good start this morning on the interior plaster coats, making sure to avoid the walls that needed electrical work. By mid morning, the electricians got to work putting plastic piping in so that after the plastering is finished, the wiring could be put in.

For the final coat the sand must be as fine as possible for a smooth finish

Out of all of the plaster coats, the first one is the easiest by far so we got a lot done very quickly. Around 12:30 a torrential rain storm started and made everyone break for a bit. I don’t think I have ever seen so much rain and such huge droplets! It rained for about half an hour and made a mess of the site. Everything was covered in mud and soaking wet. By lunch time, we had all of the walls done that we could (since the electricians were still busy working). Due to Michael having the vehicle, we did not break for lunch until 2. We were waiting for Michael and the workers had already left for lunch, so we went up to see our favorite nurse, Brenda. She is usually found in the kitchen, so we checked there first and found her as happy and bubbly as ever. While we waited, she made us tea and hot chocolate which was exactly what our cold bodies needed. We eventually got picked up by Michael and had a fun time trying to get back on an extremely muddy road. A fantastic lunch was at home waiting for us and it was nice to dry off and get ready for some more plastering. David, Erik, Melissa, Taylor and I left the house by 3, but had a fiasco trying to get back to the site. Once we got onto the road to the clinic, we came upon a lorry that was sideways in the road due to the crazy amounts of mud. So we decided to turn around and take the long way to the site which involved uncharted territory since we had only been that way one other time when Michael had been with us. Once we found the turnoff from the highway, we were very unsure of our decision. After taking a wrong turn and ending up on private property, we asked a gate keeper to tell us how to get back to Ex-Lewa and he had no idea. So we turned around, found another road and decided to go for it to see where it went. Thankfully our front navigator, Taylor took the lead and got us back to the clinic. After getting there, we plastered for about an hour and then cleaned up the site. We didn’t want to chance the lorry still being in the middle of the road so we once again took the long way.

The students plastering the interior at the clinic

Finally we returned home and took much needed showers and enjoyed a hot dinner. A good meal is always appreciated after a long and hectic day of work. Tomorrow we will hopefully start stacking the next duplex, which is always a fulfilling experience.


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  1. Stephen Lutta says:

    This sounds really interesting Tori! Lucky we came after the rains! (

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