Kenya- Day 20- Matumba!

Adjusting things at Winnie’s house

Wednesday, July 18, Today was another round of rain. We woke up this morning only to find that we were socked into the fog. We didn’t really know what the day had in store but we had a hunch that it would rain. We were planning on getting the rest of the 250 bales to finish the second duplex at the clinic but most of the lorry’s were headed to Nairobi for a polo tournament. Luckily we found a lorry so Erik, David, Michael and myself headed up to Winny’s to get the tarp to cover the new shipment of bales.

Whinny’s house if coming along slowly but it looks pretty neat and we are headed into the downhill stretch with it. We then cut the tarp in half so we had one for Whinny’s house and one for the clinic. After we loaded up the tarp, we headed home to get the rest of the gang and drove up the clinic to unload the bales.

Once we got to the site we noticed that the ground was still wet so we made a platform out of RBA’s and 4 X 2’s. After a while the lorry showed up with 150 bales. Getting those bales was a challenge. The bales at Kisima were wet and old so we couldn’t take those, there were no bales left in the neighboring towns and the next harvest was scheduled for August 15. Luckily the stars were in our favor and we were able to get the loose straw re-baled.

The girls working their way through a stack of clothes

After we unloaded and tarped the new shipment of bales, we headed home for lunch with our new friend Max, who has been helping out Michael. After lunch we headed to Nanyuki to go the matumba. The matumba is like a giant outdoor second-hand clothing store. We were all rifling through huge piles of clothes with the locals vendors shouting advertisements and music blasting! We all walked away with at least one savvy item. We also found these really great posters of the ideal Kenyan dream home. The matumba even had a Black HIlls of South Dakota hat, that Max ended up buying! After our shopping spree we headed to Nakumat to get groceries and pick up some souvenirs for family and friends. We came home to a wonderful dinner and ended the evening with crackling fire and some card games.

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