Kenya – Day 22 – Plastering Winnie’s and A Dinner Party!

Our Friday got off to a very slow start as Erik finished up a pamphlet on what we are doing to be printed up. Unfortunately it never did get printed bc all the color printers we have access to are not working. We all headed up to Winnie’s around 10am where I discovered I had forgotten to get some plastering trowels from the clinic first. The students worked on odd jobs like trimming up the walls and Erik had his first penga (Kenyan machete) task to make more stakes for the door and window bucks. When I returned we all plastered with Charles and David on the interior of the house (most of the exterior had already been done). We returned after lunch for a couple of hours but had to get back to the house to greet our guests from UN Habitat.

Erik putting final touches on the brochure under the omnipresent gaze of Sweden’s Princess Victoria (her foundation is allowing us to stay in their guest house)

Around 7pm four people from the UN (Christine, Sarah, Katje, and Caroline), as well as Michael’s friend Ken Okoth, his wife Monica and their friend Kate, all joined us for a nice dinner (curry and chapati!). We ended the night having a few glasses of wine and playing some games beside the fire. We are very thankful that everyone joined us – it was a great evening of conversation and laughs.

Good times with new and old friends – people from Kenya, USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Canada.

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