Day 25 – Kenya – Rain, Rain, Go Away

Monday, July 23, Today we woke up to fog and drizzle. We had some running around to do and also ordered more materials to finish up the second duplex. So, Erik, David, Michael and I headed to the clinic while Melissa and Tory stayed and worked on our course readings. We left Erik at the clinic to help Sammi, Mbaabu, and Gideon finish up the purlins. They started putting up the mubati, and also nailed up the tarping and chicken wire over the partition wall.

Tory and Melissa working on readings and blogging

We gathered up the rest of the crew and headed up to Maranya to see how Michael’s other project was going. Michael was disappointed in the plastering work because the coat was too thick and it was also splattered on the cedar posts and beams. So after Michael told them how to fix it we headed to Winnie’s house to see how the plastering was going. The crew were just starting on the second coat of plaster but our energy was running low so we left, and we will come back tomorrow to hopefully finish up all of the plastering.

Michael’s other straw bale project at Maranya taking shape…what a view!!

Michael was still a little down in the dumps so we decided to head to a Curio shop down the road to get some souvenirs. The shop was super rad and had tons of ebony carvings and masks. David tried his hand a haggling and walked away with two masks and Michael got some wraps. We are planning on heading back again so Erik can see it. After the gift shop we headed back to clinic to pick up Erik and drove back home for lunch. After lunch we lounged around and worked on our course work. David and Michael went for more groceries in Nanyuki, while they were gone we played cards. When they returned we had dinner and ended the day by watching the animated film “Rio” and a crackling fire.

One Response to “Day 25 – Kenya – Rain, Rain, Go Away”
  1. Peter Mwangi says:

    Hi. I’m a sixth year student of architecture at the University of Nairobi and have followed your project for the month. I am about to begin a thesis on Straw Bale Construction and would love to get more insight from your daily encounters and experience with the material. If possible I would also like to visit the site. Any assistance is will be highly appreciated, thanks.
    My email is

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