Kuza Nyumba Construction

Although the MSU program is not returning this year, straw bale projects are continuing to be built -http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/?articleID=2000083233&story_title=thermal-comfort-in-straw-houses. Please contact Kuza Nyumba Construction kuzanyumbakenya@gmail.com

Red Feather and MSU

From June 16th-22nd our team will be working with Red Feather Development on a straw bale home on the Northern Cheyenne Reserve near Lame Deer, Montana. Students and faculty are looking forward to learning about straw bale construction from the experts and enjoying a rich cultural experience while contributing to a new family home.

Growing houses, one crop at a time…

This summer, Assistant Professor David Fortin and Michael Spencer will lead a group of 4 students (Melissa von Borstel, Taylor Klinkel, Victoria Bull and Erik Walton) to rural Kenya to work on a straw bale residential building for a local health clinic. This is a continuation of the Kenya Housing Studies program initiated by Nairobi … Continue reading