Kenya – Day 23 – Safari Day One

July 21st- The safari begins! Today after much waiting and anticipation, we got to go to our safari. The morning started off slowly because we were still hosting the people from the UN, and Ken Okoth and his wife. We had a relaxing breakfast that our wonderful cooks made for us, and then David, Erik, … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 22 – Plastering Winnie’s and A Dinner Party!

Our Friday got off to a very slow start as Erik finished up a pamphlet on what we are doing to be printed up. Unfortunately it never did get printed bc all the color printers we have access to are not working. We all headed up to Winnie’s around 10am where I discovered I had … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 21 – Stacking Walls Plus Elephants

Thursday, July 19 – We woke up at 7 and had our typical Weetabix, Corn Flakes, fruit, eggs, and juice and discussed what we might be doing today. It had rained last night a little so we weren’t sure if we would be stacking bales due to moisture. After breakfast, we loaded up approximately 15 … Continue reading

Kenya- Day 20- Matumba!

Wednesday, July 18, Today was another round of rain. We woke up this morning only to find that we were socked into the fog. We didn’t really know what the day had in store but we had a hunch that it would rain. We were planning on getting the rest of the 250 bales to … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 19 – Plaster, Rain, Wait, Repeat

July 17th- The theme of the last two days has held strong. Plaster, rain, wait, repeat. When we first arrived at the site, we had to take the straw bales out of the duplexes so that we could start plastering on the interior. A few part time workers were hired on today to help us … Continue reading

Kenya- Day 18 – Where did all the bales go?

As we all know Monday’s never run as smooth as we plan them, but in Kenya you ask yourself ‘Why did even I bother getting out of bed?’. The morning plan was to plaster until lunch then after lunch get the 250 bales for the other house so we could stack the following day. As … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 17 – Day off to Rutundu

We had a little bit of a sleep-in today with an 8am breakfast. Melissa worked her magic in the kitchen to make some delicious French Toast. We then all packed into the vehicle shortly afterwards and headed to (more) remote Kenya (well, a 2 hour dirt road drive anyways) to Rutundu in the distant foothills … Continue reading