Kenya – Day 16 – Plaster Masters Part II

July 14- Our breakfast today was our biggest in a while, since we stocked our kitchen yesterday.  We each had our fill of corn flakes, Weetabix, toast, mangoes, apples, and bananas.  After breakfast, we headed to the health clinic for our second day of plastering.  We wanted to get a second coat of stucco on … Continue reading

Kenya- Day 15- Plaster Masters

Friday, July 13, today was the first day of plastering for the duplexes. The morning started a little rocky when we didn’t have much food to eat for breakfast, but we had the rest of our cereal and some famous Kisima pancakes with honey. Thankfully, Tory was feeling better today because we needed all hands … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 14 – Hakuna Matata

Today was a hurry up and wait kinda day. Like Simba, in the Lion King we truly did come to the understand the meaning of Hakuna Matata, the worry free philosophy that has also been described to us as Kenyan Time. This morning, as Tory still being ill was left in quarantine, the rest of … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 13- Raising Winnie’s House

Today started off with sniffles and sneezes as we lost a key player of team lilac to a sinus infection. Tory still tried her hardest to be a team player, and was still pivotal in the rising of Winnie’s house today. But as she worsened we had to quarantine her. Erik, Taylor, Tory, I took … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 12 – Back to Work

Our first day back from Nairobi was a relatively slow one. Michael spent the morning bouncing to and from all the sites he is working on to get caught up on where things were at. The students and I stayed at the guest house in the morning and worked on getting this blog up to … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 11 – Back to the Farm

July 9 Today was our last day in Nairobi. We woke up at 8 and had breakfast at the Mennonite Guest House before heading back to Kisima Farms. We said goodbye to our two Siamese kitten friends in the bushes outside our rooms and got on the road. On the way out of the city … Continue reading