Kenya- Day 10- Kitengela Glass

        Sunday, July 8 Today was a beautifully sunny day in Nairobi! We went to a glass blowing business, Kitengela Glass. On our way there we drove by one of the game reserves and saw a group of baboons alongside the road! The glass shop was a wonderfully wacky place, with holes … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 9 – Kibera Tour

One of the most enriching days we have had came with the most heartache and suffering. We got an amazing opportunity to see how local groups are trying to improve the lives of millions of slum dwellers across the globe. One of the largest slums in the world, and the largest in Africa, named Kibera, … Continue reading

Kenya-Day 8 – Meeting with UN-Habitat

Our first full day in Nairobi started with a meeting with the UNHabitat Head of Shelter Branch, Mohamed El Sioufi. It was an eye opening meeting, for he covered the history and policies behind the UNHabitat slum housing and community development programs. Right now funding coming from USAID goes towards the global housing upgrade program. … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 6 – RBAs, Chickenwire, and Paint

July 4 – Today was a little different than our other work days. We got up, had breakfast of Weetabix, granola, eggs, fruits, cheese, and toast. Oh, and a Malaria pill. After breakfast, we packed up all our things, moved out of the Gundua Guest House and headed down the road to Derek’s house (Derek … Continue reading

Kenya- Day 5- Work Day

Tuesday, July 3 Today we cut and attached the purlins on to the rafters. Everything here in Kenya takes a little bit longer. Our power tools consist of a battery powered circular saw and that’s pretty much it. So we Babu had to cut each purlin by hand. Then we filled and stuffed the RBA’s … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 4 – Truss Raising

July 2 – Today was a big day, we had much to accomplish and we thankfully got it all done with the help of our crew. For the first part of the day, Melissa and Erik stayed at the house to work on the construction documents for Winnie’s house and the invitation while Taylor and … Continue reading