Kenya – Day 3 – Polo Tourney

  July 1st, Happy Canada Day! Sleeping in never felt so good after a long week of traveling and working. Sunday’s are our days off to rest and relax. The pervious evening at the polo club we were invited to the final polo match. It was quite eventfully and enjoyable to watch, and our friend … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 2 – Stacking Bales

Saturday, June 30th Today was a familiar one in some ways (stacking bales) but in such a different context. Working with our Kenyan colleagues, we built walls as we had with Red Feather. Michael offered a refresher on how to custom bale, how to properly handle the bales, and how to stack them. We were … Continue reading

Kenya – Day 1 – Site Prep

June 29th Our first day on the Kisima site brought us back to the week earlier with Red Feather. Michael and his crew (Sammi, Mbaabu, David and Gideon) already had the slabs poured for the two houses and the toe-ups were ready on the house we are working on. The trusses were being made by … Continue reading

Travel Days – June 26-28

Tuesday, June 26 – Today we all began our long journey to Kenya! Tory, David and I traveled together from the Bozeman to Nairobi and along the way Erik and Melissa joined us. Tory, David and I flew from Bozeman to Chicago and then we had the pleasure of enjoying a 14 hour plane ride … Continue reading